Seiko Kinetic 'BFK' Restoration

Seiko Kinetic 'BFK' Restoration

This week I had the pleasure in helping out a valued client, who lives in Portugal, and recently damaged his beloved BFK in a motorbike accident.

Here's how it looked on arrival at Watchkings HQ.


As you can see the bezel is really chewed up, crystal gone, hands deformed, the coil block is damaged and the bracelet has been, literally, ripped apart.

So we set to work...

Firstly, we stripped the watch and serviced the movement, removing any pesky crystal fragments, we replaced the damaged coil with new during reassembly and installed a new capacitor for good measure.

The case had some deep gouges, where the watch had clearly impacted the tarmac at speed, so we set about refinishing it as best we could. Some of the marks were just too deep to remove completely, but we were able to soften and blended them, where possible. Our client, and I, both agreed that this added to the story of the watches character, making it a great reminder of how lucky he had been.

A brand new crystal and bezel were installed, before recessing the freshly serviced movement and resealing.

Last, but not least, we reattached the repaired and refinished bracelet.

So are you ready to see how great it looks......?

This has been a great project and one I won't forget. This watch, in particular, stands as a testament to the build quality and durability of the humble Seiko BFK!!

Jody King