The SKJ Kinetic divers: gone but not forgotten

The SKJ Kinetic divers: gone but not forgotten

Not too long ago Seiko made a series of classic Kinetic divers, with strong design influences from the world famous Rolex Submariner diver’s watch. These were fondly remembered as the “SKJ" Kinetic Sports divers and they remain the only homage copies of the Submariner with the Kinetic movement.

There were only three generations of this style of Kinetic divers and they were marketed internationally as generic models, i.e. not belonging to any particular Seiko sub-range such as the Sportura, Arctura, Coutura, etc..

These models sat unnoticed in the midst of the many obscure Kinetic models that shared the same movement. But unlike the international sub-ranges like the Velatura, Premier and Sportura, Seiko didn’t spend on advertising the SKJ Kinetic divers.

To the Seiko company, they’re just a few of their countless generic models – if you happen to like them, buy them!